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Friday, July 14, 2006


La Reina del Reggaeton, Ivy Queen was given a special recognition last night at Premios Juventud. Ivy Queen who began to pursue her musical career at age 18 has been one of the pioneers of el reggaeton. She was very surprised and very emotional as she received this award. She thanked all of her fans for all of their unconditional love and support. Ivy Queen also ended the show with a wonderful performance.

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PREMIOS JUVENTUD: Best Performance?? We want to hear from you!

Last night, Premios Juventud was on FIRE!! If you did not see the show no te preocupes we've got exclusive pics of some of the performances!

1) Kumbia Kings


2) Anais

3) Thalia & Romeo

4) Residente Calle 13

5) La India & Cheka

6) Alejandra Guzman

7) Mana

8) Don Omar

So who stole the show? Which performers did you enjoy the most? Post your comments LATWEENOS! We are dying to know!! CUENTANOS!!

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The 2006 Premios Juventud were on last night on Univision, and it was a very energic show with lots of memorable moments both on and off the Alfombra Azul. The two best fashion trends were sexy casual and mucho mucho bling:

Kate del Castillo


Denisse Quinones

Don Omar

Wisin Y Yandel

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Salma Hayek to be ON and OFF Screen for UGLY BETTY


In case you didn't know "Betty La Fea" is coming to ABC this fall as "Ugly Betty". Salma Hayek will be producing and guest staring in the show. Betty will be played by America Ferrera. We think is show is going to be very successful and make America a STAR.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tu Cultura

What is Summer without los carnavales, the festivals, the lights, the eating and having fun con la familia! Well this saturday bring us just that. Celebrating the first annual Peruvian Festival in Paterson, New Jersey will be nothing short of fun in the sun this saturday. Think you have to be Peruvian to enjoy this fun, WELL THINK AGAIN.....the festival promises to be filled with food games music and entertainment. So VEN! Learn about the cutlure or if you already know, Learn some more! Don't get stuck inside all summer, because before you know it september will be here again. So take the time to learn about new things, share with friends and make everybody's summer a Lil more CALIENTE!

Festival Peruano de New Jersey
07/15/2006 - 07/15/2006
12 pm - 8 pm
Paterson, New Jersey
96 Barclay St.
Paterson, NJ NJ07503

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Music News: Thalia Records Song With Romeo from AVENTURA

La mexicana, THALIA recorded a HOT new single with ROMEO from grupo AVENTURA titled No, no, no as part of her new album, El Sexto Sentido, Reloaded. El duo also recorded a video for this merengue themed single in New York City. The video presents a sentimental story of amor. Thalia, who has never recorded merengue themed songs, says that it has always been a dream of hers. One of her favorite bachateros/merengueros of all-time is Juan Luis Guerra.

Have you heard this NEW jam LATWEENO? What do you think of it?

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THALIA gets a Disco Diamante & CHRISTINA changes her identity for Pepsi


Marimar aka Thalia will never have to fictionally grab a bracelet from EL FANGO again. Thalia was honored with a DIAMOND DISC by her record company. Hottie, Carlos Ponce, was there to lend support, as well her husband Tommy Motolla...


Christina Aguilera shot these pics for a new ad campaign for Pepsi. Que piensan ustedes? What's her best look? Let us know on the comments. I vote for jeans & a tee shirt...

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A-ROD: Face of Wheaties Cereal

Wheaties Cereal, the MLB's official cereal honored the New York Yankees third basemen in a new special edition package. AROD is being featured on the new Wheaties Cereal box. Many other famous Yankee players have apperared on the Wheaties cereal packages. The Yankee legend, Lou Gehrig was the first to appear on the Wheaties Cereal package in 1934. The first LATINO to appear on the Wheaties Cereal package was the boricua, Bernie Williams.

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Tu Cultura

Bueno! Today brings a fun and hands on activity, and totally puts us to the test on how much we really know about our CULTURA. With a fun jepoardy like quality, we get to choose the questions and the category. Think youre a master, well customize this game for you and your friends and play from any computer. So lets get to it at QUIA Start with a one player game or get right into the swing of competion logging on with a friend. Dont forget to come back and tell us all about it, and share it with all your amigitos out there!

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  1. Albert Pujols (St. Louis Cardinals)
  2. David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox)
  3. Miguel Cabrera (Florida Marlins)
  4. Miguel Tejada (Baltimore Orioles)
  5. Manny Ramirez (Boston Red Sox)

These peloteros have definitely shown to the world that LATINOS dominate besibol!

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Pasado & Presente: Ruben Blades y Daddy Yankee

Ruben Blades is a Daddy Yankee Fan! How do you know this? Porque,
Ruben Blades (Pedro Navaja) went to Daddy Yankees' concierto in Panama.
So does this mean that El Cangri will appear of the Pedro Navaja remix!!!

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Pelicula Review - Jack Black -El Mexicano??!!

In Jack Black's new movie "Nacho Libre" he plays a (half) Latino monk who discovers that his true passion is wrestling. That's all I know because I could really buy into the idea that he was Latino. Although Jack Black is not Latino that is some notable Latino talent in this film that we should keep our eye on..

Ana de la Reguera

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Latweenos: Tune into Univision on Thursday, 7/13/06 at 8pm EST for PREMIOS JUVENTUD!

Watch your favorite celebrities and artistas! Thalia, Don Omar, Rebelde, Kumbia Kings, Mana, Ivy Queen, Daddy Yankee, Wisin Y Yandel, Luny Tunes, Kate del Castillo, Daisy Fuentes and La Secta All Star are just some of the artists that will say PRESENTE at this year's Premios Juventud! Premios Juventud will present 28 awards in 5 categories. The categories are: movies/films, sports, music, fashion and pop culture.

Thursday night get together with la familia and tune into Univision for the hottest award show for you LATWEENO! For more information on PREMIOS JUVENTUD visit

Who will win LA VOZ DEL MOMENTO? Will it be Daddy Yankee?ReBelDe?Thalia?Yuridia? Tell us who think is going to win?!?!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Musica News: Anais on TOP of the Latin Billboard Charts!

La Dominicana from the Bronx, Anais is soaring at the top of the charts. Her debut single, Lo Que Son Las Cosas has been on the TOP 10 in the Latin Billboard charts for six weeks straight. Lo Que Son Las Cosas was first made famous by Puerto Rican singer and one of Anais' heroes, Ednita Nazario. Anais, who landed a contract with Univision Records after winning Univision's version of American Idol, Objetivo Fama sang Lo Que Son Las Cosas on the show. Anais linked up with reggaeton singer Julio Voltio and made a remix to the song which has been a huge success.

Check out Anais' debut album, Asi Soy Yo in stores now!

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Fashion -Para el Verano

Look del dia


Rosario is super cute and caliente in this simple yet chic fitted blouse and fitted jeans. No tienes que cambiar tu look, if you like wearing t- shirts instead of blouses, get a smaller size that usual and wrap a belt around it. It's summertime, diviertete!

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Entertainment- Shakira REPRESENTA in the World Cup

So she may not be a soccer player, but Shakira was definitely Al ROJO VIVO with her performance at the World Cup. She scored a couple of GOOOOOOLS with her hit single "Hips don't lie"

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2006 All Star Game TONIGHT! LATINOS Dominate the Starting LINE-UP!

Don't miss the 2006 All Star Game Tonight LIVE from Pittsburgh! Tune into FOX at 8pm EST and watch your favorite players go at it!

Here is the 2006 77th All-Star Game Line-up:

American League
I. Suzuki (RF)
D. Jeter (SS)
D. Ortiz (1B)
A. Rodriguez (3B)
V. Guerrero (LF)
I. Rodriguez (C)
V. Wells (CF)
M. Loretta (2B)
K. Rogers (Pitcher)

National League
A. Soriano (LF)
C. Beltran (CF)
A. Pujols (1B)
J. Bay (RF)
E. Rentaria (SS)
D. Wright (3B)
C. Utley (2B)
P. Lo Duca (C)
B. Penny (Pitcher)

So who is going to win?? American League? National League? Who will be MVP? Hablanos Latweenos! We want to know what you think!

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Ahora Puedes Subscribe to!

It is now possible to get this blog either emailed to you everyday or added as part of a reader such as my , my, etc.

Que Esperas??????? Sign up for lastest postings!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Technologia Baby!

iPod shuffle: Smaller than a pack of gum and much more fun.

What would summer be without our MUSICA! This summer Apple makes it even more cool, with no more big bulky devices to weigh us down. The shuffler keeps up with us giving us lightweight and always chagning music! Es verdad, the shuffler keeps churning out our tunes and keeping us guessing with whats coming next. So we can go from Salsa to Hip-Hop in a flash and thats certainly on our Beat!


ESTA AQUI......we have all been waiting for Nintendo to act like Santa and bring us our new toy. Beleive me when I tell you the Nintendo DS has arrived baby! Taking hands on to the next level, and Nintendo is not playing favorites we get to have all the cool colors. Like pink, blue and silver all in a metallic finish. I dont know about you but im ready to be the coolest kid school with a hot touch screen or a steel pen we can use and the ultimate best WE GET TO PLAY THE ORIGINAL MARIO!!!, with better my GAMERS out there. We are counting on you to give us the bochinche about all the hot games and not so hot!

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Its a CRAZE! A FAD! DEFINATELY A BEST-SELLER...estamos Feliz! Finally a toy that can help us in school as much as it can help us have fun. Thats right chicos,chicas you know what im talking about. It is the new FLY BUNDLE PACK- computer pen top and charger. Its 2006 meets the Jetsons. It's the power of a computer on paper. With its own specially designed paper and voice the FLY bundle can be your new best-friend. Helping with everything from math problems to boredom. It has a cool set of games you can buy to even drawing your own fun. We heard a lil rumor that says we can draw drums and a keyboard on the paper play it and record our own music! so all my Latweenos out there lets communicate stay hip, and on the cutting edge of technology. You can get your Fly Bundle pen pack at y que commience la FIESTA!

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Tu Cultura

Well theres one word we like to hear more more than fun and thats free! Some Free Summer fun is just whats going on downtown this friday! As if it didnt get any better one of our favorite movies March og the Penguins is back! and personally I think more fun since es GRATIS, FREE and gives us more chance to spend allowance money on the pier. So lets get la familia out there for a cool friday night at the pier. If you cant make this one, be sure to check out RiverFlicks for info on more cool FREE movies and ways to get out of the house on a Friday night!!!! Check below for the movie info and time.

July 14 / Fri

March of the Penguins
Morgan Freeman narrates this popular film about the Emperor penguins' remarkable journey to their traditional breeding ground in Antarctica.
• Time: 8:30pm
• Place: Pier 46, West St. at Christopher St.
• Cost: Free

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This week brings us some really cool things to our Cultura. For one week from July 25-30. NYC becomes the ultimate latino american playground and everything in between. Bringing us everything from free movies, which we love!!!!!!, to just really good movies made by our people. We have our eye on a certain film called Quinceanera, which could give us some really good party tips for our big day! So lets get the primos and primas together, even Mami and Papi are cool enough for this event. Latweenos will definately be in the house for that week. So lets check out the website at and pick tons of cool events to go to. Oh and dont forget to come back and tell all the other latweenos what an awesome time you had or what you went to see, we dont want to miss anything GOOD!

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Beisbol Latino

Three Latino MLB Players Swing their Bats at the 2006 All Star Game Home Run Derby in Pittsburgh!

David Ortiz (Boston Red Sox), Miguel Tejada (Baltimore Orioles) and Miguel Cabrera (Florida Marlins) competed in the 2006 All Star Game Home Run Derby.

Tell us about your favorite baseball players and teams!

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The Latest en La Musica

Marc Anthony launches his NEW ALBUM Sigo Siendo Yo on 7/11/06 in the U.S. and Mexico!!

Marc's new album titled Sigo Siendo Yo reviews some of the salseros biggest hits. The album also includes two bonus tracks. One of the bonus tracks, Que Precio Tiene El Cielo has already reached the top of the charts.

One of Marc's upcoming projects is the movie, El Cantante in which he plays the role of one of Puerto Rico's most influential salseros, Hector Lavoe. His wife Jennifer Lopez is also in the movie and plays Puchi, Hector Lavoe's wife. For more information on El Cantante log on to

You can also catch Marc on tour with Marco Antonio Solis "El Buki" and Laura Pausini. For more information on Marc Anthony in concert, you may visit

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Tu Musica: Latweeno's TOP 10 JAMS of the WEEK!

1) Beyonce Ft. Jay-Z Dejavu
2) Mary J. Blige Enough Cryin
3) Tito El Bambino Caile
4) T.I. Why You Wanna
5) Rihanna S.O.S.
6) Ne-yo Sexxy Love
7) Pitbull Bojangles (Reggaeton Remix)
8) Anais ft. Julio Voltio Lo Que Son Las Cosas
9) Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean Hips Don't Lie
10)Don Omar Angelito

Tell us what are your favorite jams! What music do you enjoy the most? We want to hear from you LATWEENO!

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Fashion- Summer Time Trends

Ridiculous or Cool?


Paris Hilton

Beyonce at the BET Awards 2006.

I guess we missed the meeting were celebreties like Beyonce and even fake celebraties like Paris Hilton decided to bring the Micheal Jackson look back. I still think it's to early to tell if the glove will catch fire again ... What does MJ even think of this?

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Britney Says: NO .... to a Chaotic Second Season.

There were rumors that the former pop princess and her worthless hushand, K-FED, were trying to make money from Sean Prestons's birth by making it part of Chaotic Second Season, but we can all let a collective sigh to know that it will not happen.

Britney's Representatives have denied the claims.

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Italy wins their 4th World Cup Championship title after beating France, 5-3 with penalties and a 1-1 draw. Italy who were never masters of penalty kicking made all 5 bringing them to a victorious win.

The last time Italy won a World Cup Championship was in 1982. They have now gone above Germany (who holds 3 World Cup Championships) and are considered the most successful European team in the FIFA World Cup history.

According to Italy's coach Marcello Lippi, he says that although he has won many championships, he has never felt the joy that he felt when they won today. (Source:

Tell us how you feel about Italy winning the game! Were you rooting for Italy? What were your favorite moments of the FIFA World Cup?

CONGRATS ITALIA! *Next FIFA World Cup will be in 2010 in SOUTH AFRICA*

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Broadcast Yourself LIVE




Daddy Yankee, Christina Aguilera, Don Omar, Aventura, RBD, Frankie Jay, Danity Kane, Beyonce, Uptown Gurlz, Jeannie Ortega y Mana.


When I was Puerto Rican, Bodega Sold Dreams, Down These Mean Streets, One Hundred Years Of Solitude, In The Time Of The Butterflies.


Latweeno TV, SiTV, MTV, MTV3, Univision, Mun2,Telemundo, ABC, NBC.