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Friday, November 03, 2006

Mejores Amigas: Penelope & Salma

Penelope Cruz's was at the premiere of her new movie Volver, directed by her "favorite director, Pedro Almovodar. She has been getting excellent reviews and expected to get an Oscar nominationfor her role. Penelope walked the red carpet was her BFF, Salma Hayek.

The BFFs will appear in the movie Bandidas together and they've been on punked together....

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Latin Grammy Pics

The Latin Grammy's were last night in NYC's MSG. Lucero & Victor Manuel hosted the event, Victor Manuel's open number was great.

Sharika was the big GANADORA, with 5 Latin Grammys and she also performed"La Tortura" with Alejandro Sanz.

Ricky Martin Received the Person of the Year Award last night.

Residente Calle 13 won 3 Awards last night!

One of our favorite Celeb Couples was there, Mr. & Mrs. Muniz (aka Marc & JLo).

Marc, Shakira & Jenn

Pics: Curtesy of &

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

7th Annual Latin Grammy's Awards

Don't forget to tune in to UNIVISION tonight @ 8pm EST to watch the 7th Annual Latin Grammy's LIVE from NYC!
GREEN Carpet starts at 7pm!

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Entertainment- Ricky Martin's the "Person of the Year"

Ahhh Ricky... Ricky is back and better than ever. The Boricua singer and activist will be honored today by the Latin Recording Academy as the "Person of the Year". Ricky's foundation has been bringing awareness to the issue of Human Traficking, especially kids, most recently going to Washington last month to speak to a Congressional panel about the scope of this problem.

Ricky will also have a new album and DVD Ricky Martin: Unplugged which will be out next week.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lights, Camera.......SCREAM!!!!!

After Dark Horrorfest
all pictures courtesy of:

Hope your having a Spoooky day Latweenos! Moving right along from Dia De Los Muertos to Halloween, October has held two holidays for us, and I am not complaining! While the Classics should mos def. be on rotation today such as Jason, Friday the 13th, the Excorsist ....after abotu the fifth time of seeing them it can be a little easier to laugh than scream! Its not poor Jasons fault but that white mask is just a little of course we at have taken it upon ourselves to get the true horror film lovers back into action with all the things that got you loving them to begin with ....BLOOD,GORE,ACTION,THRILL,AND FINALLY SOME SUSPENSE! So beware Latweenos and dont say we didnt warn you...READ ON IF YOU DARE!!!!!!

UnrestPenny DreadfulThe Grave DancersThe HamiltonsReincarnationDark RideWicked Little Things

Go to for info on how to purchase tickets and to find out the names and descriptions of the scary movie pics you see above. Buahahaha!

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Feliz Dia De Las Brujas!

Trick or Treat....
Smell my feet....
Give me something good to eat...
LATWEENO.COM would like to wish you all a HAPPY and SAFE HALLOWEEEN!
Email us at and tell us how you spent your Halloween. We will post your stories here on LATWEENO.COM!

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