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Monday, July 10, 2006

Technologia Baby!

iPod shuffle: Smaller than a pack of gum and much more fun.

What would summer be without our MUSICA! This summer Apple makes it even more cool, with no more big bulky devices to weigh us down. The shuffler keeps up with us giving us lightweight and always chagning music! Es verdad, the shuffler keeps churning out our tunes and keeping us guessing with whats coming next. So we can go from Salsa to Hip-Hop in a flash and thats certainly on our Beat!


ESTA AQUI......we have all been waiting for Nintendo to act like Santa and bring us our new toy. Beleive me when I tell you the Nintendo DS has arrived baby! Taking hands on to the next level, and Nintendo is not playing favorites we get to have all the cool colors. Like pink, blue and silver all in a metallic finish. I dont know about you but im ready to be the coolest kid school with a hot touch screen or a steel pen we can use and the ultimate best WE GET TO PLAY THE ORIGINAL MARIO!!!, with better my GAMERS out there. We are counting on you to give us the bochinche about all the hot games and not so hot!

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Its a CRAZE! A FAD! DEFINATELY A BEST-SELLER...estamos Feliz! Finally a toy that can help us in school as much as it can help us have fun. Thats right chicos,chicas you know what im talking about. It is the new FLY BUNDLE PACK- computer pen top and charger. Its 2006 meets the Jetsons. It's the power of a computer on paper. With its own specially designed paper and voice the FLY bundle can be your new best-friend. Helping with everything from math problems to boredom. It has a cool set of games you can buy to even drawing your own fun. We heard a lil rumor that says we can draw drums and a keyboard on the paper play it and record our own music! so all my Latweenos out there lets communicate stay hip, and on the cutting edge of technology. You can get your Fly Bundle pen pack at y que commience la FIESTA!

Posted by Latweeno @ 7/10/2006 04:03:00 PM

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im glad that technologia is just making its way to improve our needs! =]

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:13 PM #
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