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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tu Cultura

Well theres one word we like to hear more more than fun and thats free! Some Free Summer fun is just whats going on downtown this friday! As if it didnt get any better one of our favorite movies March og the Penguins is back! and personally I think more fun since es GRATIS, FREE and gives us more chance to spend allowance money on the pier. So lets get la familia out there for a cool friday night at the pier. If you cant make this one, be sure to check out RiverFlicks for info on more cool FREE movies and ways to get out of the house on a Friday night!!!! Check below for the movie info and time.

July 14 / Fri

March of the Penguins
Morgan Freeman narrates this popular film about the Emperor penguins' remarkable journey to their traditional breeding ground in Antarctica.
• Time: 8:30pm
• Place: Pier 46, West St. at Christopher St.
• Cost: Free

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This week brings us some really cool things to our Cultura. For one week from July 25-30. NYC becomes the ultimate latino american playground and everything in between. Bringing us everything from free movies, which we love!!!!!!, to just really good movies made by our people. We have our eye on a certain film called Quinceanera, which could give us some really good party tips for our big day! So lets get the primos and primas together, even Mami and Papi are cool enough for this event. Latweenos will definately be in the house for that week. So lets check out the website at and pick tons of cool events to go to. Oh and dont forget to come back and tell all the other latweenos what an awesome time you had or what you went to see, we dont want to miss anything GOOD!

Posted by Latweeno @ 7/10/2006 03:30:00 PM

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