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Friday, August 04, 2006


Christina is coming "Back to Basics" and back to her raices in her lastest venture. This Sultry american latina last enjoyed sucess with her spanish record Mi Reflejo, were she left Latweenos and Latinos everywhere wanting more of that soulfoul voice en nuestro idioma. Well fans we might just get lucky again!!! Christina is charlando with her record executives about re-releasing some of her Back to Basics songs in spanish!!!! and we know AINT NO OTHER singer can do it like her!!! Horale Christina we are behind you 100 percent!!!!

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While some have called her Reyonce and others just call her Rihanna theres no doubt, this girl is putting herself on the map. Hailing from the Carribean shes putting sason into charts here and abroad. Enjoying enourmous sucess in Spain as well!OLE!!! Here she is pitcured above recieving her Disco De Oro!!! at Rockefeller Plaza with NBC, Proving everyone wants a Chica like this!!!!!!!

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Faltan Lunas is the title of Feys new album....and we have been waiting this nuevo album promises to be just what we are looking for with a couple of english songs scattered among the spanish ones!! Proving that the estrellas are responding to what we want, entertainment and entrenenameiento!!!! Here is Fey at at her album release in Mexico, but she promises to be a staple among our home countries giving the fans what they want!!!

Posted by Latweeno @ 8/04/2006 02:54:00 PM

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